FAQ: Connecting your TimeBox to the Internet

Does my TimeBox need an Internet connection?

Your TimeBox does not require Internet to operate but it does require Internet to commission the system, monitor the health of it and to access remotely.

Your TimeBox does not require port forwarding or a custom setup and will work in most environments out of the box.

It will automatically connect to the cloud if plugged into:

    • Typical business and home routers (e.g. BT/Virgin/Sky router/hub)
    • Network with DHCP / Shared Internet (e.g. most office/hotel/etc networks)
    • 4G/LTE ethernet routers & most 4G/LTE USB dongles
    • Wifi 4G/LTE modems (connected via USB or Wifi)
Note: The reason you need Internet to comission your TimeBox is the latest configuration is always backed up to the cloud and nobody can make changes without going through a central audit log. This means that you can see every change done to the system, even if the system is presently offline. You will also be notified of any suspicious access or changes by email and push notifications.

What is the TimeBox Hardware (MAC) Address?

The MAC address is written on the bottom of the unit, it is also available by logging into https://my.timeline.is and tapping on Admin (top right) -> TimeBoxes -> Name of TimeBox

How do I check the TimeBox IP?

    • Your TimeBox will pick up an IP Address from your router (using DHCP)
    • It also has a secondary static IP address:

There are several ways to check the TimeBox IP:

1: Use the App or Website recommended

Sign in with your email/password on the app or visit https://my.timeline.is. Once logged in, click on Admin (top right) -> TimeBoxes -> Name of TimeBox. This will show you key information about your TimeBox including:

    • IP Addresses & MAC address
    • Connect & Reboot History
    • Health Stats, etc
2: Check your router

Another option is to login to your router's admin interface and look for the "DHCP leases table", it will show what IP address the router assigned to your TimeBox.

3: Scan the network

Finally, you can scan the network with your IP/Network scanning tool of choice.

Note: If the TimeBox's ability to make an outgoing connection is presently blocked, you may want to temporarily allow all outgoing connections while testing/comissioning (if at all possible).

Can I connect my TimeBox to WiFI Internet?

Many of our TimeBox units have WiFi built in. If you provide us with the SSID and WiFi password, we can set this up for you ahead of time. Please get in touch with us at support@xanview.com.

Note: You can connect your TimeBox to the Internet wirelessly, but we do not recommend using the wireless connection to record cameras. If you have to record wirelessly, please ensure your WiFi can sustain the load. In our experience, any more than 2-5 cameras often fails to work reliably.

Can I connect a TimeBox to a Corporate Firewall or set a Static Network?

Yes. In most cases, the TimeBox should connect automatically using DHCP. If you need to set a static IP, we recommend that the MAC address is configured on the DHCP server with the required static IP, that way if the TimeBox is ever moved to another location, it will still be able to connect.

If that is not an option, we can configure the TimeBox ahead of time to use a static network configuration. Please get in touch with us at support@xanview.com to arrange this.

What ports does my TimeBox use?

Please note, you do not need to set up port forwarding. The following ports are only used to make an outgoing connection:

    • TCP port 443 (HTTPs)
    • UDP ports 1194, 1195, 1196, 1197
    • DNS (port 53)

Where does my TimeBox connect?

The TimeBox will make a connection to our cloud servers (hosted on Amazon UK and Linode, LLC UK). You can find the IP ranges here:

If you are in a locked down environment and struggling to get the TimeBox to connect, it may be worth exploring the option of connecting to a local WiFi or even adding a cellular router/dongle.

Note: If the requirement is for the TimeBox to not make outgoing connections, it might be worth exploring our self hosted solution (please note, there is a minimum of 1,000 units to host your own cloud).